Fly Fishing Clinic

Learn To Fly Fish! A fly fishing clinic/class!

“Enjoy YOUR new skills, for less than the price of a quality fly rod and reel”

Since 1969, Dvorak Expeditions

has offered memorable experiences for adventure travelers, families, fishermen; anyone with a passion for the outdoors. Enjoy the mountains, canyons, classical music, photography, alongside nature’s rivers.  We have provided training in many areas on the river, including accredited Swift Water Rescue Training, Guide Training, Kayaking, Rafting, and Fly Fishing in Colorado.

Get undivided attention from a fly fishing guide that is there to guide you down the river, as well as teach you everything you could possibly retain.  No question is the wrong question.  We are here to teach you to fly fish, whether from a raft or wading the waters, whether you are a true beginner, or a novice that’s eager to expand your knowledge.

Reserve an exclusive fly fishing clinic with the opportunity learn from a top notch fly fishing guide and ask about many facets of fly fishing in Colorado including:

  • Fly choices
  • Line recommendations
  • Difference in fly rods
  • Rigging your fly rod
  • Casting technique
  • Fish habits
  • Local fish species
  • Fishing skills
  • And much, much more

We have an extensive fly “box” for you to buy that contains all that you would need, and recommendations on what gear will land you a fish!

Fly fishing in Colorado is fun!  It is a great way to fish rivers, streams, all types of moving waters, as well as still water lakes too!  Fly Fishing requires a bit of specialized technique to learn; and learning from someone that knows is a great way to rapidly accelerate your skills.  Learned technique and skills make all of your subsequent fly fishing in Colorado more successful and fun!

We at Dvorak Expeditions offer classes from our renowned fly fishing program, and is an affordable opportunity to learn from a professional.    We are here to help you get more out of your outdoor experiences!

Book Half Day Fly Fishing Clinic  |  Book Full Day Fly Fishing Clinic, Wade/Float

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We pride ourselves in being a pioneer to western river rafting in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  With our main base nestled in the Upper Arkansas Valley, you too can enjoy Colorado river rafting at it’s finest, as well as kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, while accompanied by our expertly trained guides on your customized trip or expedition!

Our river trips, white water skills adventure camp, and guide training programs are world renowned and have been featured in ESPN, National Geographic, the Chicago Tribune as well as numerous travel books and television specials.

“Our top priority is the quality of the experience that you will never forget.”

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