Green River Rafting

86 miles | Class II-III | 5-8 days

Rafting down the Green River in Utah will take you down deepest canyon through Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservations, cottonwoods and box elder, willow and sagebrush scouting for mule deer, mountain lion and bobcats. Follow the path of Butch Cassidy’s “Wild Bunch”, the mysterious “D. Julien,” “Flat Nose” Curry and MAJ John Wesley Powell, who titled the barren landscapes of Desolation and Gray Canyons “a region of wildest desolation”.

Containing thousand-year old petroglyphs from the Fremont Indians, abandoned homesteads and shadow-filled grottos, the setting of the Green River is host to one of the most popular runs for beginner kayaker and canoers as well as for rafters. With more than 60 rapids, from unnamed riffles to more challenging Class III whitewater, Green River rafting in Utah is the perfect place to test your paddling skills. Dvorak Expeditions can help you enjoy an excellent experience in fly fishing and rafting in Utah. Whether learning to boat yourself or relaxing on a raft guided by Dvorak’s crew you will remember this canyon trip.

Ever sit in a concert hall listening to works from Bach, Stravinsky, Mozart, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky or Shostakovich and wish you had some scenery to complement the music?

BOOKING NOW: 8 Days Green River – July 19-26, 2014 – $2410 per person

For over twenty five years, Dvorak Expeditions has successfully provided Classical Music rafting journeys for all ages on both the Dolores River in Colorado and Green River in Utah. This experience is a one of a kind whitewater rafting experience with your own personal Green River classical music trip soundtrack resonating off the canyon walls, amphitheaters, side canyon hollows each day as we make our way down stream to the next wilderness camp. Guaranteed, you have never heard acoustics like this before.When you go on the Green River classical music trip you can leave everyday life behind as you enjoy several days of world-class whitewater rafting in Colorado or fishing. Slumber under the stars and let our professional musicians treat you to concerts throughout the day and evening. Munch on fabulous hors d’oeuvres, a fine selection of wines and gourmet meals from around the globe. After a full day of rafting, enjoy comfortable seat around the camp while your musicians tune for the evening concert and your guides prepare the evening meal or perhaps a short wonder with your guide for a side canyon hike.

We have enhanced our Green River and Dolores River classical music trip with extra days of relaxation to explore more of the ancient surroundings, Anasazi ruins, Fremont Indian artifacts and other historic highlights within the Dolores River (Colorado) and Green River (Utah) environs. We serve the finest gourmet delicacies on this trip, switching cuisines and countries every night from Indian to Italian and Thai to Mexican. Finally, also included on the trip are impromptu reading sessions, open rehearsals and improvised solos on wood flute for those more musically inclined. This is it! THIS is “River Magic”!

Duration: 8 days

From $2,410 per person | Activity level: EASY

Green River
GREEN RIVER: Desolation and Gray Canyons 6 Day Rafting Tour
86 miles | Class II-III | 6 days

John Wesley Powell declared this canyon wilderness” A region of wildest desolation”. Outlaws and characters like Butch Cassidy and Flatnosed Curry escaped to the remoteness of this canyon. Today Desolation and Gray remain some of the wildest desert canyon territory in the U.S. Home of the Fremont Indian pictorgraphs, abandoned homesteads, shadow filled grottoes and the Green River. Over 60 rapids, side canyon hikes, excellent kayaking for beginner to intermediate levels. The best family trip you can imagine and will never forget.


Additional costs: Air shuttle from Grand Junction, CO or Green River, UT to the river launch site and sales tax, government use fees and pilot fee per person.

Camping gear is available to rent.

From $1,090 per person | Activity level: EASY

GREEN RIVER: Desolation and Gray Canyons 5 Day Rafting Tour
This five day historical journey down the famous Green River starts by flying into Sand Wash from Grand Junction, CO and finish at Swaysies Rapid Take Out near Green River, Utah. These canyons are Desolation and Gray in the Green River Wilderness area. There are over 60 rapids from Class II to Class III. Big sandy beaches, lots of ancient ruins, hikes and side canyon historical sites.

Access to the river is arranged by air shuttle flights at an additional cost per person. These flights are available from Green River, Utah or Grand Junction, Colorado.

Trip Length: Due to the length of 89 miles it may be necessary to use an outboard motor on the first day to make up the distance required for a our normal 6 day trip through the canyons.

Duration: 5 days

From $956 per person | Activity level: MEDIUM